Morning Drop Off Procedures

Morning drop-off is from 7:05 - 7:35 AM. If you arrive to the school after drop-off is over, you must sign-in your students in the main office.

PK-1st - Traffic Pattern Video

Families with PK - 1st students will utilize the Dotted Line Traffic Pattern. McAllister staff will open the doors of the cars for these students. If you have a mixed group of students, please utilize this line if there is a PK-1st grader in the car.

2nd – 5th - Traffic Pattern Video

Families with only 2nd - 5th students will utilize the Dashed Line Traffic Pattern. You will enter through the same lane where buses drop off students. Students should be prepared to exit from the vehicle on their own. McAllister staff will be out to assist as needed.

Morning Drop Off Procedures

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

All Car Riders

For all students, utilize the road that goes around the back of MES. After you pass the gate, traffic will sort into two lanes. If you are picking up any students in grades PK-1, you must utilize the "inside lane" (right). If you are only picking up students in grades 2-5, please utilize the "outside lane" (left) ONLY.

Please have the appropriate Transportation Tag(s) displayed during pick-up. These Transportation Tags are what is used to call students out to the loading area and ensure that students are being picked-up by the correct adult.

Make sure that students know their car Transportation Tag number, which is how they are called from the supervised area to line up in the afternoons. If, for any reason, the Transportation Tag(s) is not displayed during afternoon pick-up, the driver will be required to check-out the student through the main office. A picture ID will be required.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Walker Procedures

Beginning this school year, we will only have Independent Walkers at MES. Students that were previously dependent walkers should be picked up through our afternoon car rider line. See above for specifics regarding car rider dismissal and pick-up.
Below are the requirements for a student to be an independent walker:

Independent Walkers

  • Students must live in Buckhead East.

  • A Walker Permission Form must be on file.

  • Independent Walkers must be in grades 3-5.

  • Younger siblings (in grades K-2) are only allowed to walk home independently when accompanied by older sibling(s). This must be documented on the Walker Permission Form. Pre-K students are not allowed to be an Independent Walker.

  • If the older sibling is absent or not walking home at regular dismissal time, the younger sibling must go home another way.

  • Independent Walkers will be escorted to the crosswalk near the bike rack by staff. Staff members on duty will release students from this area.

  • Multiple students from the same household must leave campus together.