South Bryan (Richmond Hill Area) Transportation Department


Welcome to the Transportation Department of the Bryan County School District. We are committed to providing safe, timely, efficient and courteous bus transportation services to eligible students. Please be aware that the bus routes, and especially the times, are approximate, and may change. Parents and schools will be notified of all changes, before implementation of changes. Refer to your child’s school student handbook for other information related to transportation. Click on the “Bus Route Information” link below to view your child’s bus information.  The student ID# (same as lunch number) will serve as BOTH the username and password.

If you have changed your address or other contact information, please provide the updated information to your school's registrar and they can update the student information system. Your child's transportation eligibility and services are derived from your child's school information. Please assist us in ensuring your records are kept up to date.

Thank you,
Brett Martin, Director of Transportation - South Bryan

Bus Routes

School Zones

Bus Safety

Director of Transportation (South Bryan/Richmond Hill Area) - Brett Martin

South Bryan/Richmond Hill Area Transportation Office: 912-459-5170

Administrative Assistant - Heather Gray

Routing Coordinator - Jocelyn Chapman

*If you have questions regarding routing, please email