Bryan County Schools will continue offering traditional and e-Learning school environments, January through May.  Except for those students who have not met the e-Learning requirements, all students will remain in their present environments unless a transfer form (see below) is submitted online.

For those who want to transfer to a different learning environment, our open transfer window begins now and will remain open until midnight on November 6th.   Please understand that approved transfers will not go into effect until January 6th.   

Due to the possible large number of students changing environments, in January we could see significant class changes at the middle school and elementary school levels.  You will be notified by December 18th, if your child(ren)’s classes are changed.  

If you wish to transfer to a different environment, please click on the appropriate link below and   complete the brief questionnaire.  IMPORTANT:  If you want your child(ren) to remain in their current learning environment no action is needed.

Transfer to Traditional/ Face to Face Classrooms

Transfer to e-Learning school environment