Please note: tip411 is not monitored on a 24/7 basis and is not a substitute for calling the police department to report any in-progress incident or life threatening situation. Individuals should dial 911 in these instances.

Tip411 is a new tool to enhance student safety. It is an internet-based communication system that gives students or any concerned citizen a means to quickly and anonymously report suspicious or criminal behavior at school.

Tips can be submitted three ways:

  1. Click your school's button below to “Submit a Tip”:

  1. Use the free smart phone app on your cell phone to quickly and easily submit a tip. Use the links below to download the app or scan the QR Code to load the app directly to your smart phone.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

BCS Tip 411 App

  1. Text your tip and your school's keywords listed below to 847411 (tip411)

When texting, please remember to type the keyword in all UPPERCASE LETTERS.

Be sure to save/record your tip ID. You can use the ID to login to view feedback about your tip from the agency/group. Just enter the ID on the tip history page and any feedback about your tip from the group will display. You can then submit additional information to the group using the tip form.

Use your school's keyword to submit a tip (remember to text keywords in all uppercase letters). 

  • Bryan County Middle High School - BCMHSTIP

  • Richmond Hill High School - RHHSTIP

  • Richmond Hill Middle School - RHMSTIP