Bryan County Schools Gifted Education

Gifted and Talented Education

Bryan County Schools offers gifted programming for eligible students in Grades 1-12. Gifted eligibility assessment windows are open twice yearly.  Parents must give permission for students to be tested for gifted eligibility and will be contacted directly by the school in the event their child is recommended for gifted testing.  Staff who administer and interpret gifted assessments have specialized training to do so. Students are typically not tested for gifted eligibility more than once in a two-year period.

Bryan County Schools follows the guidelines laid out in the current Georgia Resource Manual for Gifted Education.  Gifted services are provided to students directly or indirectly through any of the eight models approved by the Georgia State Department of Education.  Students receive gifted services from teachers who are gifted-endorsed.

Parents of students who qualify for gifted services will receive annual notification of the model of service provided to their child.  To continue receiving gifted services, students must maintain satisfactory progress in the gifted courses in which they are enrolled.

Each school has a Gifted Lead Teacher who manages the gifted program at that school and the district has a Gifted Coordinator who can be contacted at 912-851-4000.  Detailed information about the Bryan County Schools Gifted Program can be found in the Gifted Resource Manual, linked below.