Annual AHERA Notification Requirements to: Parents/Legal Guardians/Teachers/Employees/Organizations


This notification is being sent to you pursuant to the requirements of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) October 22, 1986; EPA Rule 40 CFR 763, Asbestos Containing Material in Schools, Subpart E, et seq. Effective December 14, 1987. These regulations are defined in the United States Environmental Agencies Regulations. Specifically, 40 CFR 763.84(c) which requires that the local education agency (we) notify you at least once a year of asbestos inspections, response actions, and any post-response action activities, including periodic inspections and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress at our campus.

We have documented through a thorough asbestos survey, conducted by an AHERA accredited asbestos inspector, where asbestos containing, suspect asbestos containing and/or assumed asbestos containing building materials are located on our campus. The Asbestos Management Plan documents plans for managing and maintaining the asbestos containing building materials in-place and/or plans for removal activities. The reports associated with the asbestos inspection, 3-year inspections, periodic surveillances, and operations and maintenance recommendations are all documented in the Asbestos Management Plan.

If you have questions you can contact Jason Rogers at 912-851-4000.