Superintendent Evaluation

The annual evaluation for the superintendent is completed by the Bryan County Board of Education.  It is a collaborative process where the Bryan County Board of Education and superintendent work together to establish annual performance goals and performance indicators.  These goals are in addition to the superintendent overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school system. The Bryan County Board of Education meets with the superintendent in executive session in July to discuss and develop performance goals, in December/January to assess progress towards those goals, and in May/June to evaluate the overall performance for the year.  The primary cornerstone is one of continuous improvement and moving Bryan County Schools forward.  As an organization, we never want to become stagnant and must remain focused on building a better Bryan County. Below you will find the superintendent’s 2022-2023 annual performance goals.  These are broad overarching goals and do not reflect every performance indicator.  

 23-24 Goal Areas

  1. Lead Bryan County Schools through the implementation of the strategic plan resulting in increased student achievement and organizational effectiveness.

  2. Lead and support Bryan County Schools revised organizational structure.

  3. Work to ensure that we continue to make progress towards our 5-year and 10-year capital projects action plans.  

  4. To provide efficient and effective use of funds in such a manner as to assist the BOE in effectual financial management.