Wildcat Pride: Teacher Edition

Richmond Hill High School loves to recognize the hard work of its teachers. Each week, a teacher is selected by their peers to win the weekly Wildcat Award! Each week's winner gets to proudly display "The Wildcat" in their classrooms. 

This week's winner is Ms. Spivey! The teacher who nominated her had this to say: "It is a privilege to pass on the Wildcat Pride award to Katherine (Katie) Spivey. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during last and this academic year. You are a standout administrative assistant because of your sheer dedication to our students and teachers. I appreciate your willingness to always help, your professionalism, organization, and your awesome positivity! You are an inspiration to many students and your work has left such a positive impact on how I view your job. Without your assistance, I would have had a lot of difficulties. You were always there to assist me even if it was something minor. Thank you for keeping the office running so well and thank you for all you do for us at RHHS!”

Thank you, Ms. Spivey, for all you do for RHHS! 

Go Wildcats!