Wildcat Pride: Teacher Edition

Richmond Hill High School loves to recognize the hard work of its teachers. Each week, a teacher is selected by their peers to win the weekly Wildcat Award! Each week's winner gets to proudly display "The Wildcat" in their classrooms. 

This week's winner is Mrs. Siddons! The teacher who nominated her had this to say: "I am so lucky to be able to pass on the Wildcat Pride Award during Teacher Appreciation Week as there is no teacher I appreciate more than Mary Siddons! This teacher once graced the Halls of the Hill as a student and, after teaching in various states for several years while her husband finished his Doctorate, came back home to teach in Richmond Hill! She is my educational hero - aiming high and helping students find their own extraordinary place. In students we both teach, I am humbled by her insights into student strengths that I missed at first glance and I am impressed with her ability to harness those strengths into student academic success. She cares about her students and can be found exactly where you would expect such a passionate and dedicated go-getter to be found - at tutorials helping the struggling learners, or helping out at games selling tickets and cheering on her students. Whether helping me prepare batter for a medical math waffle lab (this wildcat teacher is also an excellent cook), patiently helping me sew, (when I overcommit to 757 teddy bear clinic gowns…..), or helping me with grammar questions that I might have while grading career portfolios in Allied Health, Mary Siddons is my nomination for the Wildcat Pride Award. Thank you, Mary, for all you do for your students, our school, and for putting up with me. The RHHS Family is lucky to have you!"

Thank you, Mrs. Siddons, for all you do for RHHS! 

Go Wildcats!