Wildcat Pride: Teacher Edition

Richmond Hill High School loves to recognize the hard work of its teachers. Each week, a teacher is selected by their peers to win the weekly Wildcat Award! Each week's winner gets to proudly display "The Wildcat" in their classrooms. 

This week's winner is Mr. Stacy! The teacher who nominated him had this to say: "When I think of a hard-working Wildcat, Mr. Scott Stacy is one of the first to come to mind. He is one of the most dedicated teachers here at RHHS. He has recently taken on an extra class (teaching all 4 blocks!) and has approached it with enthusiasm. As always, he thinks of his students first. When you leave the parking lot after school, he is always one of the last to leave, because he truly cares for the success of his students. They see his passion for science, and that has a great impact on their own appreciation for the subject! His dedication is apparent, and he works hard to #buildthehill! Congratulations, Mr. Stacy!"

Thank you, Mr. Stacy, for all you do for RHHS! 

Go Wildcats!