Wildcat Pride: Teacher Edition

Richmond Hill High School loves to recognize the hard work of its teachers. Each week, a teacher is selected by their peers to win the weekly Wildcat Award! Each week's winner gets to proudly display "The Wildcat" in their classrooms. 

This week's winner is Mr. Carpenter! The teacher who nominated Mr. Carpenter had this to say: "I nominate Mr. Russ Carpenter for the Wildcat Pride Award. Mr. Carpenter is not only the mayor of Richmond Hill, but teaches government and advises the Young Republicans. Mr. Carpenter is an excellent role model to all students instilling the importance of civic duty and responsibility. Mr. Carpenter encourages our young people to get involved and educate themselves on today’s political issues in a respectful and dignified manner. He leads efforts at the high school to register all eligible voters taking government and organizes trips every election season to the polls so that many of our students, regardless of their political beliefs or affiliations, get to vote for the first time as adults! His organization of debate watch parties for all, teaches inclusion and respect regardless of political differences. Mr. Carpenter organizes annual trips to Atlanta and Washington D.C. to give students an opportunity to learn more about our elected representatives and inner workings of our state and national government. He is always willing to represent RHHS on the public front whether it is participating in the Friday night football coin toss, or crowning our RHHS homecoming queen. He leads his club to participate in many community service endeavors such as visits with senior citizens at Magnolia Manor. His positive leadership is appreciated by staff and students alike."

Thank you, Mr. Carpenter, for all you do for RHHS!

Go Wildcats!