BCMHS Registration Information

Online Registration

  1. Go to Bryan County Schools New Student Registration

  2. Scroll down to print the list of documents needed & the Residency Affidavit. (Please note, it must be notarized and is two-sided.)

  3. Click "Online Registration Link"

  4. Create an account and begin.

  5. If you are unable to click submit, go back through and look for red edit buttons. This information must be entered then you will be able to click submit.

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Tips for Online Registration

  • Have all your required documents ready - in digital format (saved as a picture or pdf ).

  • The registration link will work on PC, Android, Chrome, Mac, and iOS platforms.

  • Smartphones work great. Pictures of documents can be uploaded through your phone.

  • The registration process can be completed in about 20-25 minutes.

  • Once the "Submit" button is clicked, information and documents cannot be changed. You must visit the school to make any changes or turn in any documents.

  • Original custody papers may be uploaded, however, they also need to be presented to the school in person.

  • Please allow up to two business days (during the school year) for processing. the school will contact you if more information is needed.