CTAE (Career, Technical & Agricultural Education) Scholarship(s) - $1,000 

Presented by

Richmond Hill Bryan County Chamber of Commerce

The Richmond Hill Bryan County Chamber of Commerce is the community leader recognized for promoting business, economic, and community development, as well as public policy that balances economic prosperity with the quality of life. The Chamber serves its membership through advocacy, access to community leaders, connectivity, engagement, and education.

Applicant Requirements:

1. Graduating senior(s) from Richmond Hill High School or Bryan County High School

a. $1,000 scholarship(s) will be awarded depending on all requirements met and at the
committee’s discretion.

2. Must attend an accredited College/University or Technical School immediately after High School

3. 3.0 Minimum GPA

4. Expected to complete 1 or more CTAE Pathway by graduation

5. Application must be signed by CTAE Teacher or Program Coordinator

6. Not on the Obligations list

7. Virtual Interview required (top 10 applicants will be contacted for an interview)

Scholarship Application