Ms. Valerie Bastian is known as our resident marketing principles and sports and entertainment teacher, however, her background in marketing is too interesting not to be mentioned. Having a bachelor's degree in communications from Evangel University, she is not only good at marketing, but also good at getting to know her students and making a connection with every student who passes through her class. She also went on to get a master’s degree in tourism from Black Hill State University. Ms. Bastian was an international travel advertising director in the European market early on in her career, and owned/managed a radio station for a number of years.  She has a classroom bulletin board dedicated to her time working as a teammate manager during Superbowl 53 with space for students to post their dream jobs. This is Ms. Bastian's first year at BCHS. She said her favorite part of her job here is watching the talents and skills of her students come alive. Ms. Bastian first decided that she wanted to be a marketer as a junior in high school whilst working on the school yearbook. She has made marketing her life's work and loves every bit of it.  

Written by Ava Polk, BCHS Marketing Student

Photo by Chery Dykas, BCHS Teacher