Goals and Expectations of the Volunteer Program

Each schools volunteer program is individualized. This is to meet the specific goals and expectations of the students and staff in each school. The parent volunteer will ALWAYS report to the Volunteer Coordinator in the schools.



To enrich the students’ curriculum and broaden their awareness and experiences.

To enrich children’s experiences through activities,resources,and the gift of your time.

To assist teachers,thus providing more time for instruction.

To contribute to a more informed community which actively supports the school program.

To model the importance of school and education for your child and all children.

To support academic and enhance all aspects of the educational process.



Sign in at the beginning of each school visit and sign out prior to leaving school grounds.

Wear specific school/site identification while on school property or at school-related activities and return the identification prior to leaving the school and/or activity.

Dress appropriately for the educational and work setting in a manner that is not disruptive to the educational process. The principal has the discretion to determine whether attire is disruptive to the educational process.

Promote the worth and dignity of all individuals by displaying an attitude of cooperation, friendliness and acceptance.

Make every effort to perform volunteer duties in the presence of a BCS employee. Avoid unsupervised, one-on-one student contact.

Do not discipline any student at any time. Behavior concerns should be reported to a teacher or school  administrator.

Refrain from bringing visitors, children, siblings or others in your care to the volunteer site.

Notify the school when unable to complete scheduled volunteer time.