RHPS Volunteer Training will be held on Friday, August 23rd at 10:00. 

Volunteer information for 2019-2020 

Volunteer Process:

Bryan County Schools has a three step online process to be completed and attend an orientation at ONE school.

1. Click  here to complete volunteer registration online.

2. Complete and pass, with a 100% (14/14), the mandated reporter.

3. Sign and return to Stephanie Shorette the volunteer agreement form.

4. Attend orientation at RHPS, RHES or Carver (one school covers volunteering at all three).

Dress Code:

RHPS follows the BCS dress code policy. Student and faculty are required to adhere to a dress code that reflects the standards established by the school system. Since school volunteers served as a role model for studs and as a representative for the Bryan County School System, they are asked to dress in a neat and appropriate manner while working in the school.

  • Comfortable, casual slacks or jeans of an appropriate fit and style are acceptable.
  • No tank tops should be worn unless under a blouse or shirt.
  • No beach or recreational clothing allowed.
  • Unacceptable statements, designs, or advertising on clothing is not appropriate.

Sign -in and out:

There is a sign in sheet located at the Main Office window. Any visitors to the building will need to show their ID, so please make sure you bring your ID with you. Volunteers will need to sing in and obtain a sticker. The stickers need to be worn while volunteering at the school. They will also need to sign out before leaving the building.


Volunteers are asked to park in the parking lot behind RHPS sign or across from our bus lane by Carver Elementary.