Graduation Requirements
4x English Language Arts  4x Science 
4x Math  1x Elective Pathway
4x Social Science  4x Additional Electives
1x Health/PE  24x TOTAL CREDITS


Dual enrollment 

Students interested in Dual Enrollment for 2018-2019 school year (including the summer of 2018) must complete the steps outlined below by March 30, 2018.

1. Join the Google Classroom  www.classroom.google.com/h - code: hI5v30n

2. Review and complete the Eligibility Criteria for Dual Enrollment

A. Essay

B. Survey

3. Complete the College Application

A. Request transcript through GA Futures

B. Complete Testing Requirement

C. Schedule Participating Agreement Meeting (Schedule a Meeting tab in Google


4. Read MOWR Frequently Asked Questions For Students & Parents

5. Go to the webpage of the school you are interested in and read their MOWR information.

Armstrong Savannah Tech
Georgia Southern Point University

6. Current DE Students:

All students currently participating in DE who plan to participate during the 2018-19 school year need to join the Google Classroom – code: hI5v30n. It is through this group that ALL important dates and information will be communicated to you. A new Student Participation Agreement must be signed each semester. The link to sign-up for Participation Agreement meetings are available exclusively through Google Classroom.