Student Safety
Student Safety
Bryan County Schools

Sunday, December 17 2017
It was recently brought to the attention of the administration that there is an active post on Facebook questioning student safety at Bryan County High School. Student safety is and always will be our number one priority. We take all reported allegations seriously and investigate each one to the fullest extent possible.

As far as the most recent allegation on Facebook, confidentiality laws prevent school officials from sharing details about the alleged incident, investigation, and/or student discipline, but it is important to understand that we have no safety concerns at this time. If you have a concern about student safety, we request that you please come directly to the school with any specific information you may have rather than going to social media. Many times, due to not having detailed information that might clarify why or what has happened, embellishment can occur on social media, which can lead to new incidences or worsen the current situation.