Color Guards @ Carver
Color Guards @ Carver
Dawn Houck

At George Washington Carver Elementary School, a select group of students serve on the Carver Color Guard. These students need to be available before and/or after school, are also expected to apply, and must receive a teacher’s recommendation. 

The purpose of the Carver Color Guard is to raise and lower the American and Georgia flags, protect the American Flag, show honor to our flags and our country, and set a good example of behavior for other students. Color Guard members are expected to be good citizens in school, as well as when serving on the Color Guard. This includes maintaining dignity when on duty, making good effort in class, following the Carver44 rules and expectations, and encouraging other students in respectful and responsible ways.

If you would like your child to participate in Carver's Color Guard, please print and return this form to express an interest and obtain an application.