MES Olympic Field Day a Success
MES Olympic Field Day a Success
Tiffany Hursey

Principal Bivins Miller of McAllister Elementary reached out to Levi Sybert, RHHS Track Coach, not that long after he was named principal of McAllister Elementary to ask the RH Track & Field program to help create a Olympic based field day component to add to MES’s existing field day.  The goal was to create competition events that allowed students to compete with their running, stamina, jumping and agility skills.  Each event was tied to elements of existing sports that they may or may not be familiar with, see event list below.  To add excitement to the field day, the top 6 boy and girl performers per event qualified to go to RHHS on May 22 to compete in a district field day competition.  On top of the individual performances, each class had their top 3 performances averaged together per event to get a final class ranking across all 7 events. The top 2 placing classes will travel as a whole to the district field day as well.

Field Day Events:

100m Dash (Track)

200/400m Run (Cross Country)

Softball Throw (Baseball/Softball)

Kickball Punt (Football)

Soccer Dribble (Soccer)

Standing Long Jump (Track & Field)

Frisbee Throw (Ultimate Frisbee)

 Since the events, scoring, volunteer training, and logistics to transitioning students was not in place before this year, there was a tremendous amount of effort and planning that had to take place by the RHXCTF program to figure out how to make this element of field day happen without a hitch.  All the planning really paid off, as everything went very smooth.  We are excited to this fact, as our ultimate goal is to have all Bryan County elementary schools involved and competing against each other in a district field day next year.  We have a template that we now know works and we cannot wait until next year for more schools to be involved.

 In the meantime, we have the district field day at RHHS on May 22.  There will be 70-91 students who will be competing at that event, so we are now transitioning to preparation for that event which will really showcase some enthusiastic kids and teachers that are going to start their summer on the upswing. 

(Article courtesy of Mr. Levi Sybert.)